Canada Goose Jackets Hybridge Lite: Canada Goose Price Field Tested in Algonquin Park

The Cheap Canada Goose Jackets Hybridge Lite Jacket holds the title of "Editor's Choice for Best Backcountry Jacket" by Outside Magazine. This summer I decided to find out why. After four months of extensive research, I headed on a backpacking trip to the oldest provincial park in Canada, Algonquin Provincial Park.

The weather was consistently warm during the day,Canada Goose Price but early mornings and evenings around the campfire required more than just a base layer. The Hybridge Lite Jacket provided the perfect layer of warmth, allowing for maximum breathability and movement due to Tensile-Tech fabric (designed by Canada Goose) that runs along the side torso and underarm panels.

The most surprising aspect of the Hybridge Lite Jacket is how easily it compresses. I was concerned about being burdened with carrying around a down filled jacket on my four-day trek, but the Hybridge Lite Jacket weighs in at less than half a pound and stores away neatly into the Canada Goose Prices left hand pocket.

If you're looking for Cheap Canada Goose ways to save space on your backpacking trip, the Hybridge Lite has all the answers. Not only is it a super lightweight, ultra-warm jacket, BUT it also doubles as a mini pillow! Once it is stuffed into the left hand pocket it takes the form of a plush little sack to rest your head. It does the trick after long days of 12km hikes - trust me.

Here's to many more adventures with the Hybridge Lite Jacket! Thanks to Canada Goose for making a truly remarkable Canada Goose Cheap product, proudly made right here in Toronto.

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