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In every community, boys and girls find their only recreation in whatever the streets offer them. More children every day are at home with no adult care or companionship. Many young people never know a real sense of worth or understand their true potential.

Archery Club of America wants to help.

We believe that archery is an activity for everyone, regardless of age, background, or level of ability. It is a sport that provides a real experience that surpasses any virtual experience offered by today’s electronic entertainment.

Archery breaks down barriers and facilitates meaningful interaction between adults and young people. It allows genuine relationships to form and helps children build character, discipline, and focus as they begin to understand their worth and potential.

Through partnership with our club members, Archery Club of America supports the National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP) and Centershot Ministries in their work of building archery programs in communities across America.

When you purchase your annual Archery Club of America membership, everyone benefits.

Local Programs. Archery Club of America donates all of the proceeds from the cost of your membership to NASP and Centershot. That donation helps those organizations provide support for youth archery programs in the form of equipment, facilities, staff, materials for building awareness, and other needs.

Boys and Girls. All types of young people across the country will benefit from the presence of local archery programs in their communities. Each of them will have the opportunity to learn an accessible sport that they can enjoy and that will affirm them in positive and constructive ways through the assistance of a caring adult mentor.

You. Through your membership in Archery Club of America, you will have access to our national network of retailers, businesses, restaurants, and entertainment venues. Over 100,000 companies have agreed to partner with us to thank you for your support of youth archery by offering discounts and special pricing on goods and services you use all the time.  Your ACA Membership comes with an exclusive mobile app that automatically finds you and shows discounts available in your immediate area.  With so many offers, you can easily save hundreds of dollars every year! 




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