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We thank you for your support of youth archery.  We recognize the real value these programs bring to the young people of your community, and the true impact it can have on their lives.  We also understand that raising the support you need can be a challenge.  Archery Club of America wants to help.

We strongly support the work of youth archery programs and developed the Archery Club of America to help raise the necessary funds for these vital organizations. By purchasing a membership in Archery Club of America, your supporters have access to our national network of over 200,000 retailers, businesses, restaurants, and entertainment venues. Each of these companies has agreed to partner with us to thank your constituents for their support of youth archery by offering BIG discounts and special pricing on goods and services they use all the time. Many offer savings of up to 50%!

All proceeds from the membership go directly back to support your local archery nonprofit program!  $18 of every ACA Membership sold goes directly back to your local archery club.  You’ll be amazed at how fast the funds can add up.  See our chart below.

Memberships sold Amount raised for your program
10 $180
50 $900
100 $1,800

There is no cost to your organization, no funds-collection, no accounting hassles - just real dollars coming back to your local nonprofit archery program.


  1. Call the Archery Club of America Hotline – 866-393-CLUB (2582) to register your Club. 
    (NOTE: Your Club will not receive funds if it is not yet registered)
  2. You will be provided a Promo Code at the time your Club is registered.  This promo code is utilized for tracking purposes and provides a $10 discount to the regular $35.00 Membership fee - $25 total.
  3. Print out the Enrollment Form found here
  4. Complete the Club Information section – including your Promo Code.
  5. Make copies of the Enrollment Form to distribute to your Club members.  Each enrollment form has room for five memberships.  This gives each club member an attainable goal.
  6. Have your Club members speak with their families, neighbors and friends about their experience in youth archery and offer them the opportunity to support your Club by purchasing a Membership in the Archery Club of America.  Complete all fields on the Enrollment Form and collect the enrollment fee ($25) at the time the form is completed.  All checks and money orders should be made out to the Archery Club of America.
  7. Return all forms and funds to the Archery Club of America: 8700 W. 36th Street, Suite 145, St. Louis Park, MN 55426.
  8. Proceeds will be returned to your local Club within 6-8 weeks.  Memberships will be sent within 2-3 weeks of receipt of the forms.





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