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Inspired by the Canada Goose Website elusive black-marked goose of the North, Branta is limited in nature and distinct for life. Selectively produced and rooted in the rich heritage of Canada Goose, Branta stands for intelligent design and premium quality. Some key styles from the Branta Collection are now available at DWND Clothing, including pieces from the Italian Luxury Collection and the Travel Colleciton. Check them out in store at 431 Queen Street West, and online here.

Italian Luxury

Using the highest quality Canada Goose Store wool fabric made by Loro Piana with its advanced Storm System technology, the Canada Goose Branta Italian Luxury Collection ensures protection from the elements as well as exquisite tailoring and design.

Travel Collection

Derived from Canada Goose Shop authentic Japanese styles with iconic heritage styling and details, the Canada Goose Branta Travel Collection embraces versatility for variable weather conditions and lifestyles.

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